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Mick McCarthy looks on as Matt Holland takes
231st penalty of the Ireland-Spain showdown

Ireland is still reeling after its penalty shoot-out loss to Spain. After a closely fought match, Mick McCarthy's team missed three penalties, eventually losing out to one scored by Lazio player Mendietta. Yet, the Irish team and fans around the globe have yet to accept the fact that they were beaten.

You'll never beat the Irish

Minutes after the penalties concluded, a massive throng of fans burst onto O'Connell street wearing flags and painted faces. Several city-centre statues were the scene of a number of moonings in celebration of the non-victory. Fans dancing at the O'Connell monument were heard to sing loud choruses of "You'll never beat the Irish", despite strong evidence to the contrary.


On the pitch, Mick McCarthy challenged the Spanish goalie, Iker Casillas, to the best out of seven, but to no avail. The Spanish team had left the pitch, obviously distraught by their win over the undefeatable Irish. The Irish team, as of 7pm, remains on the pitch and is claiming a 42-3 win in the shootout, but there are no independent witnesses to confirm this, as the stadium is empty.


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