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Faux Celebrity Mulls Legal Action

Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G, was in consultation with his legal team earlier today. The star is considering legal action after becoming the latest victim of controversial TV satirist Chris Morris.

Cohen's irreverent attitude to the superficiality of celebrity is notorious. But the tables were turned when he was duped into making a spurious programme in which he interviewed a middle-aged Channel Four programming executive. The star, whose plaudits include an outrageously subversive cameo in a Madonna video, and asking Posh Spice if she would breastfeed him, was unaware that the interviewee was in fact Brass Eye's Chris Morris in disguise.

"Uppity n*****r"

"Sacha was approached by Channel Four to make this programme as part of a celebration of this exec's years of service, or so we were told," an unnamed source from the Cohen camp told us. "I mean, they are really stuck for stuff to show on E4 since Big Brother finished."

Cohen was to interview the fictitious executive in his familiar unconventional manner. But Morris had a few surprises of his own, as he hurled racial abuse at Cohen throughout the interview.

The footage, which is not scheduled for broadcast until the winter, shows Cohen growing visibly agitated. But when the "executive" is angered by Ali G's 'bloody cheek', Morris cries that he [Cohen] is an "uppity n****r." Realising that he has been fooled, Cohen leaves in a temper.

Now the ironic superstar claims that the footage is his legally, and is trying to prevent it from being broadcast at all. Morris was unavailable for comment on the matter.




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