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I'm in a real quandry here. I just don't know what to wear. There's this anti-globalisation march on I said I'd go to in town this afternoon, but I'm supposed to be there in like an hour and I still haven't decided what to wear. It's pretty tricky. I mean, I don't want to look like a clothes-horse but I do want people to respect me. You should see some of the people at these things. There's a serious amount of attention paid to the 'look'. Hours spent on hair alone. And the real trick is to look like you've just thrown everything on. "Oh yeah, I just stepped off the plane from Jakarta, what's up?". The faded jeans, the loose t-shirt, the low-slung bag, the tousled 'do'. Nothing left to chance when you want to look spontaneous.

But I digress. I need to just grab something here. But what? I can't really wear any of that Gap stuff. That'd be completely hypocritical. And that Tommy USA top is probably out too. I seem to remember them being mentioned somewhere in No Logo, and not in a good way. Which reminds me, I'd better bring the book along too.

Now lets see. Che t-shirt? Che bandana? I dunno, I mean I want to look kinda radical but not like a skanger. I'm not in the Black Bloc yet! And only those Italians can pull off the bandanas.

Okay, okay. This radiohead t-shirt for starters. They can't be faulted, as far as I know. And these Pepe jeans were pretty expensive, but they are like a year and a half old. So it shows I've got taste but I'm not out there shopping like a lunatic the whole time.

Shoes? Doc Martens I suppose. My feet'll be screaming by tonight. Fuck's sake, these marches are more trouble than they're worth sometimes.




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