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Crime boss Gerry Hutch recently ate a slap-up meal in top Dublin eatery La Gardinairie, the Evil Gerald can exclusively reveal.

Sources at the posh restaurant say that the Monk (real name Gerry Hutch) ordered staff to bring him food he picked from a menu. The terrified waiters and chefs were left with no choice but to bring him their tastiest nosh.

Cheeky sauce
Hutch then ate the food (prepared by trained cooks) enthusiastically, occasionally leaning back in his chair and patting his bulging stomach with a smile of smug satisfaction.

"He was really enjoying it", said sources from the Garda Special Branch who followed Hutch to the restaurant and stood outside with their faces pressed against the window. "He just kept shovelling all that steak and wine and chips into his big nasty gob".

Saucy cheek
The come-again crime-gang king-pin then paid for his meal (including a tip), before telling frightened staff he would "definitely come back again sometime, it was lovely, thanks".

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