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While scanning the radio frequencies in search of Osama bin Laden around the Tora Bora region, two top US marine officers accidentally contacted Bray teenager, David Byrne, over a mobile phone link, causing chaos in the classified military installation and the calling of an air-strike over the Baggot street area.

The following is a partial transcript of the conversation between Lt Dwayne Harrison, Colonel Whitmore and Byrne during the twelve minute exchange:

Byrne: Hello
Harrison: Who is this?
Byrne: Hello? I can't hear yeh that well...hang on a second yeah, go ahead.
Harrison: Identify yourself.
Byrne: What?
Harrison: State your identity and location.
Byrne: What? I'm on the bus, I'm on me way home.. Harrison: State your precise location.
Byrne: (inaudible)
Harrison: (inaudible) location (inaudible)
Colonel Gerard E. Whitmore: (inaudible) airstrike... (inaudible)
Byrne: (inaudible)
Harrison: (inaudible)
Whitmore: (inaudible)
Byrne: (inaudible) fuckin' thing (inaudible) I can't hear you. Whitmore: You are hereby (inaudible) United States of America.
Byrne: Fuck... (inaudible) I said Bray.
Whitmore: Please repeat your (inaudible)
Byrne: Going to fucking Bray (inaudible) ring me back? (Silence)
Byrne: Fuckin' hell man if yer in Bray I'll see yeh 'n any way.

During the exchange the US learned valuable intelligence information, like where to go knacker drinking around South County Dublin, and that "some youngfla is nearly after drowndin' in the Liffey. I'm lookin' at it right now".




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