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Businessmen (and women!) attending a conference in Dublin's Stillorgan Park Hotel on "Doorstepping In The Year 2002: Daz with Pizzazz!" were puzzled and confused by repeated references in conference chairman Mike Halligan to "the recent troubling events". Halligan's speech made several references to these recent events, commenting at first on how "we have all been distressed by the recent events," a comment which was met by bemused glances between the audience assembled in the hotel's Malibu-themed banqueting suite.

Halligan's speech crashed and burned, if you will

"We didn't really know what he was talking about", remarked attendee Lar Simmons later. "He spoke more about international conditions, and then said how things were holding up alright, 'despite the recent events,' which stumped me further." Halligan is reported to have declined to elaborate on the nature of these mysterious events, adding only that "the world situation is still unstable," and that "perhaps we are seeing the flowering of a new humanitarianism around the globe, surely the best possible response to the recent events".

At this, several people were heard to go "Huh?" and look around to see if everyone else was just as confused. Everyone was. Theories abound as to what the hell Halligan was going on about. Simmons suggests that "maybe he means Harney getting that plane to Sligo for the opening of the offie. Though what that has to do with the Black Sea oilfields I'll never know". Adds Maeve Whelan, "I thought maybe he meant football, you know, the match. But I'm not sure how that fits in with the ongoing tough conditions for airlines around the world".




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