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Carr Communications supremo, Terry Prone, has expressed “anger and disgust” at the recent controversy involving Tánaiste Mary Harney. “I find it very hard to stomach the fact that I didn’t make any money out of this controversy,” said a clearly distressed Prone at a press conference in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel last night.

Harney ran into trouble last week when she was shown to have used a state fisheries’ patrol aircraft to take her to the opening of a friend’s off-licence in Co Leitrim. Prone, however, has not received any desperate phonecalls from either Harney or anyone else mentioned in the story looking for her PR company to put a positive spin on the story in the media.

“How am I supposed to keep myself in cosmetic surgery?” she asked dozing reporters. “It’s a sad day when politicians and dishonest businesspeople realise that they don’t need my services when stuff goes even marginally wrong for them. They just decide to brazen it out and here am I left out in the cold. Shocking.”

Asked what turn her career would take in the light of this tragic development, Prone said she would have to hang around the tribunals a bit more as “they always seem to find a few spare shillins lying around that they’ve forgotten about”.

“Hello, Liam! I’m looking at you,” she added.




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