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Exclusive! The Evil Gerald talks to George Best's new liver

George Best's new liver was recovering last night in London's exclusive Cromwell Hospital after being transplanted into the ageing soccer star's alcohol ridden body from a donor. Controversy surrounds the operation which doctors say was a success. But some critics say that the ethics of the procedure are questionable. The Evil Gerald spoke exclusively to Best's liver at its hospital bedside.

Best: He lived so little kids could die

EG: So, how does it feel to be in your new home?
GBL: It feels good. You know, I was afraid I might get the body of some kid who was really sick. That would have really worried me. But I've still got a few years left in me yet.
EG: What are your plans as soon as you get out of hospital?
GBL: Well, as I say, I have to take one day at a time. But I hope to keep on dissolving fats from the bloodstream and storing them until they are broken down. I'm really looking forward to storing some major toxins as well, which I reckon I'll keep in [coughs] a stacked cell formation inside my soft tissue.
EG: Would you ever accept a drink from somebody else?
GBL: It's hard one to [palpitates] answer and I've been getting a lot of stick over it in the past few weeks. I have to keep thinking "Is there someone else out there who deserves this Jack Daniels and Coke more than I do?" It's really eating me up inside.
EG: Thanks, George Best's liver.

GBL: Any time. Fancy a pint?




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