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Essex (that's in England) paedophile Benny Huxford reported feeling "disappointed and let down" by last Thursday's so-called "Child Sex Special" Brass Eye episode, in a call to the Channel Four complaints hot-line yesterday. "In the run-up to this show, all the papers were full of how it would be this sick and depraved extravaganza of explicit scenes involving children in sexual situations", he said. "So naturally I was thrilled. It's not often my tastes are catered for, apart from ads for Pampers or Coke or chips or cars or insurance or whatever".

Huxford had looked forward to Thursday's episode all week, and excitedly discussed the forthcoming show with other paedophiles at work. "We were all going to tape it," he added.

"So imagine my disappointment when 10.30 finally comes around and I find myself watching not a "sordid depravity-circus" (The Daily Mail), but an incisive and witty satire on the hysterical and salacious treatment of the paedophile issue by certain sections of the media".

Disgusted and disillusioned, Huxford wasted no time in reporting his feelings to Channel Four and the ITC. "I thought Channel Four was supposed to be constantly challenging my attitudes and pushing the boundaries of taste", he complained. "You know, like porn".


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Ireland's only website has been garnering even more praise from influential quarters recently. To add to rave reviews in Ireland's Own, VIP and The Economist we have received a rare four Green Balaclavas - - award from The Provo Portal, "the primary online source for information, news, networking, advice and careers for the modern, discerning pan-nationalist".



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