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Howlin: "I'm not interesting"

Labour leadership candidate and Wexford TD Brendan Howlin has given the nation a guarantee that he is not interesting. In response to an entirely predictable question from some hack, the middle-aged bachelor made the following prepared statement. "People of Ireland, please rest assured. There is nothing about me that makes me stick out like a sore thumb from the rest of my colleagues."

So Not
Howlin has been dogged by persistent rumours that he is witty, urbane and sophisticated, a person with an independent agenda that will bring the Labour party to the forefront of Irish politics.

"I am none of those things," he admitted yesterday.

The rumours have circulated about the incredibly short, unmarried TD for many years, and some have even suggested that they cost him the last leadership contest, which was won by the guy who just resigned, or whatever.

Detractors say these denials could do him more harm than good in the forthcoming race. "It's a fact that in modern Irish political life, young voters actually think a strong-minded, independent person could be good for Irish politics, and the Labour party in particular. They think it's "cool" and "trendy"," laughed a Labour insider. "But what these youngsters lack is an understanding of the realities of political life. Let this be a lesson to them," he added darkly.

But Howlin clarified his position on a boring, sub-par radio "programme" on RTE. "It's not that I believe that there is anything wrong with having a mind of my own or the courage to withstand idle banter regarding my personal life. It's just that I have neither."




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