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FCUK "still funny"

Designer clothing label, French Connection UK (FCUK), last night defended its hilarious FCUK acronym against accusations that it was no longer funny.

"It's fcuking funny, right," screamed a furious spokesman "See that thing I just did there, reversing the c and the u. That's fcuking funny and really original, right. See, I just did it again there! Ha ha! I don't see anyone else not laughing."

FCUKing hilarious

Despite being a joke that is at least seven years old, shoppers seem not to have grown tired of what they see as the dangerous edge having the word FUCK misspelled across their chest gives them. "It just never fails to make me smile or think to myself 'Why in hell did I buy this piece-of-shit expensive top'," said Mandy Simons, a self-confessed shopaholic who is one of millions of affluent people worldwide who are addicted to shopahol, the latest scourge to scourge our country's cities.

Asked if French Connection would be considering other swear words to misspell on its clothing, the spokesman told the Gerald it could "clik ym nafny", which we are still looking up in the dictionary.




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