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  Saddam trained babies

Evil Iraqi despot and part-time mother of two, Saddam Hussein, has been secretly training your babies, a US intelligence report has revealed. In a clandestine attempt to wreak havoc on the west, Iraqi intelligence agents have been turning American, British, French and Irish babies into killing machines, intent only on destroying their
hapless progenitors.

The first clues came when crèches reported a drastic increase in the number of baby knife-fights. The CIA, FBI and various international police forces swooped on Iraqi terrorist hideouts in London and Colorado and uncovered plans to instill in babies a hatred of decadent western culture, and give them sufficient skills in hand-to-hand combat and guerilla warfare to deal with any parent that
becomes an obstacle to their evil goals.

Said one London baby,"We were so naive to fall for this, all I can do is apologise for the babies that have killed for the evil, evil Iraqi regime. Now give me that soother or I'll cut you".




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