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Dear Geraldine ...

the Evil Gerald agony aunt solves all your personal problems ...

Lately my husband and I have hardly spent a night together. When we do he is colder to me than a wet fish and about as much use in the sack as the five-day-old sandwiches I regularly find at the bottom of our son's schoolbag. I'm very grateful to my husband for everything he has given us. He recently even took up a job as a barman at a lap dancing club on top of his day job. However, despite this, he hasn't been bringing home any more money. In fact we rarely have any money for food, let alone a romantic evening out. Recently I confronted him about it but he denied having an affair with one of his new colleagues. He tells me that his lack of interest in me is due to a number of factors, not the least of which are the September 11th attacks on New York and Washington, the global economic downturn and foot and mouth disease. Is this a valid excuse for the breakdown in our marriage?

Six fan, Castlebar

Dear Six fan,

What you are going through is something that is experienced by many couples. From time to time married people drift apart, but after a while they find that the bonds that have tied them to each other in matrimony and the need for sex bring them back together again. Be patient. What you are feeling right now - loneliness, suspicion, murderous rages, despair - are all perfectly natural and eventually things will play themselves out. The fact that your husband is prepared to work at two jobs to support you and your son shows just how much he cares for the two of you. We have all been touched deeply by recent events and it is not fair to blame your husband if he wants a bit extra 'quiet time'. And if that time has to come with some sluts in a seedy lap dancing club, then so be it.


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