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Dubs: "Never fuckin' liked Gaelic anyway"

"Ah sure, what harm," panted an out of breath Ray Cosgrove after his 71st minute free hit the post in the All- Ireland football semi-final against Armagh in the holy ground of Croke Park. "Sure won't we get another chance next year, lads?"

His sentiments were echoed by team Banisteoir, Tommy Lyons, who has been elevated to a Demi-Godlike status on the back of the success of his Dublin football team, the first Dubs' side to win anything, anywhere, ever.

"Ah yeah, I'm a bit upset, but I kind of wanted Armagh to win at the end of the day. I think they deserved it more than us. I mean, that Paddy McKeever cut through the Dublin defence so quickly that at one point I just stood back and said to my lads, "Hold up there a minute there and watch this fella score this point - now that's how the game is meant to be played".

The Dublin faithful, too, were happy for Armagh: "Yeah, come to think of it, I'm not really mad about Gaelic anyway," said Mr Brian Murphy from Clontarf, sporting a sky blue vintage Dubs jersey and wearing blue facepaint he paid a clown €2 to put on him outside the ground. "I quit my job as a bus driver to be here today with my two youngfellas, who are still at school, but I'm not really that bothered. At this stage I'm just dying to get out of here and queue for some trellis in Woodies DIY." "Sure it's only a game, Da" said his son, Brian Jason Sherlock Murphy, fighting back tears, wearing a Dublin jester's hat with bells on it.

And Ray Cosgrove was upbeat after the game. "I suppose you might say that with only one point in it we were robbed, and it may take us another 15 years before we get this far in the game again, but Ireland are playing Russia in Moscow next week and that match should be a real stonker!"




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